Mov-i-e is my new born baby from June 2015. It's a passion project that came through to create a youtube movement community. I love videos, movement and community. Why not put everything together and blend it? 

After 1.5year talking & chewing about Natural Movement - at that time a weird concept - at Impact Hub Kings Cross (thanks for listening to me) as a community host, I aimed to develop a documentary about it. Due to limited resources, I realised I needed to launch somewhere something quicker to people share their experience within movement. Any kind of movement. A democratic platform where anyone could upload videos, photos, ideas related to movement. Yes, you read well: MOVEMENT, not fitness.

"Movement" reads all sort of practices that connect us with the concept of Human Being. As a Homo Sapiens Sapiens, we were born to move. If you look at a toddle, their range of motion is something unique that as much as we grow up and embodied the experiences inside, we lose our capacity of motion. In a current sit society, we no longer have the attitude of do something that is natural to our body such as squat, crawl, kneel, climb.

Having studied marketing, I believed as much as people watch and see in their lives one concept, as on TV, somehow it will internalise people's heart and will touch their habits in the near or further future.

There it goes, Mov-i-e turned as a production of videos connected to natural movement based in 3 pilars: strengh / flexibility / balancing...and following:
1- It's a generalist movement (you won't be an expert, but your body will be ready to do whatever you'd like to learn/focus on) 
2- Limits and awareness about your body
3- Interacting with environment (city and nature)
4- It's for exchange (anarchist, in the sense there's no hierarchy, lack of power to promote exchange, the coaches are open to exchange expertise, it's humble, it's sharing. Besides, the movements don't have a straight way to do it, it's free to experiment and you can adapt the best way to your body) 
5- Working out is fun, enjoyable & playful
6- It's for everyone, all kind of people


Do you walk? Do you dance? Do you exercise? You do move, don’t you? Here is a space to register your path as an active way. A Community self sourced with videos to stimulate people from all backgrounds to seek into and share Movement and each style across the world. Natural Movement, The Big Picture of Movement, Movimento, whatever named it was, just pick the idea and craw to the beginning, the active life we had before the sitting way of life. How does it work? 1- Access 2- Upload your video 3- Title your video 4- Insert a description of your video (be welcome to put your contact/website) 5- Hold until the upload is completed 6- Pray to energies of universe accept your video to be selected on that day or any other day among all others 7- Follow Mov(i)e YouTube channel to see your video online worldwide.
— Mov-i-e
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