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London from 2015 Performer, Stage Manager, Lighting designer adventurer, Promoter, Photographer, Filmmaker, Artist, ...

///Somatic Dance, Contemporary Dance, Capoeira, Swimming, Yoga, Diving, Running, Cycling, Afro Brazilian Dance, Intro to Gymnastics

London from 2013 Staff in Art4Fun, Staff in Siam Eatery, Intern in Softnet Consultants, Member Host in Impact Hub KX, Community Host in Impact Hub KX, Founder of What is Good Projects, Professional Photographer, Producer in Cria da Casa, Operations Manager in Dalberg Research, Translator in Workbank, Producer in African Street Style Festival.

/// Running, Swimming, Yoga, Cycling, Dancing Afro and Contemporary Dance, Natural Movement, Capoeira, Intro to Gymnastics, Ballet and Parkour. More here

Sao Paulo after 2010 Intern in Nike, Intern in Edelman Significa (Vale), Sales in Levis

/// Running, Yoga

Paris in 2010 Student, Baby sitter (3,4,9 years old boys), Cashier in Paul Boulangerie

///Swimming, Yoga, Running

Brazil (Brasilia & Sao Paulo) before 2010 Actress, Clown, Student in University of Sao Paulo, Academic Researcher, Junior Company Co-Founder

/// Swimming, Cycling, Tap Dancing, Riding horse dressage and jumping, Contemporary dance and Jazz

Julia Testa (Salmazo)

Julia Testa, Brazilian, artist, producer, photographer, creative and practical person,  lives in London, needs to experience to learn.

"Graduated in Marketing in University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I found out in field that Marketing wasn't only about exploring creativity but using it to sell products and services exclusively. Fair enough, let's use this marketing tool, the art of reaching and selling to a target audience for good causes. In London since 2013, I've been exploring paths to feed my creativity in different projects.

Discussing currently around the Body & Space and feminine & masculine characteristics/energy, I'm alive in arts, culture immersion & movement having an holistic mindset how the market works."

Interests field

Movement, culture, interaction with environment, community building, art/body education for adults & children, physical theatre, dance, design, the pure fact of being sociable, photography, and filmmaking.

Currently Looking for an Artist

- Art projects, performances, films, shows to collaborate within

. Physical Theatre

. Contemporary Dance

. Movement research

. Interaction with the environment (city/nature) Self-employed

- Freelance project manager/admin/assistant/coordinator (level depending on the field) especially in cultural and social entrepreneurship 

- Freelance photographer/photographer assistant

- Freelance promotional & artistic videos/ 2nd camera

- Freelance translation/localization jobs Portuguese to English/English to Portuguese a Student and Researcher

- Internship / Collaboration in film production, direction and cinematography

- Internship / Collaboration in documentary photograph

- Internship / Collaboration  in projects related to feminism, natural environment access, the body and the space

- Internship / Collaboration in (visual) anthropology or sociology projects My projects

- Media starters or professionals to collaborate with 

- Performances/Artists/Events to take pictures or record videos as reportage

- Video editors to collaborate 

- Dance screening opportunities and Festivals

- Volunteering in fundraising events, specially focus on movement


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